The sun simmers as it rises to its zenith over the great plains of Sulith. Your exposed shoulders tinged with discomfort, the sun had burnt away a layer of skin, leaving only the peeling remains. Dressed in nothing more than rags and loincloths, you had been herded with your fellow slaves to the Great Market, where you and the others would be put on display for purchase for all sorts of use.

Many of the stronger species, especially those with martial experience, would be sold and conscripted into warbands or used for gladiatorial purposes in some form of fashion, and in this, Okodo slaves were much desired, but rare. Others of atypical beauty or form, namely Eshera, would be purchased for purpose of pleasure. Others would be purchased for farming, mining, houseservants, or a litany of other purposes—slaves had no choice in their lot, but the uses of slaves were many.

Some of the slaves in the Great Marketplace have been sold and bought a dozen times, transferred as property as their use for one purpose waned and waxed, or an owner needed an influx of cash. Others are newly captured, some from Sulith raids, others brought in by pirates or marauders from all over the continent. The background a slave can have can be from anywhere, although it is almost a certainty the slave will never see its homeland or family again. For whatever reason slavery was imposed on them, it has changed their life forever.

You were sold today in the Great Marketplace, whether it was the first time, or just one in the line of many sales. You have been bound in a set of chains with 3 fellow slaves, and have been led by your new taskmasters to a small camp outside the Great Marketplace. The camp is a bustle of activity, three wagons pulled by beasts of burden stand surrounded by at least 30 other slaves, all chained in groups of 4. Two of the wagons are loaded with foodstuffs and supplies for a lengthy travel, the other loaded down with empty wicker cages.

The only persons not in chains are your new taskmasters, roughly 10 scruffy, hardened men with a paler complexion then the people of Sulith. Their clothes are worn by the dust of travel, but each appears to be comfortable in their outfits, and are well armed. Within hours, the caravan of 40 plus people, both slaves and taskmasters, set out in the direction of the setting sun. You have no idea where you are heading or for what purpose you have been bought, but you know something has occurred that will change your destiny forever.

* * * * * *

Characters of “Go West Young Man” may be of any race or background and begin at 1st level with no equipment, treasure, or any valuables. Humans, eshera, and mauldrin are encouraged, while meucun are highly discouraged, There may be 1 okodo or wyrban, any more require GM approval.

Go West Young Man

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